CSWIP 3.1 Course is ideal for inspectors requiring preparation for Welding Inspector. The duties and responsibilities of a welding inspector are:

Fusion welding processes

Typical weld defects

Types of steel

Carbon-manganese, low alloy and stainless steels

Hardening of steels


Heat treatment

Parent metal defects

Visual inspection

Testing parent metals and welds

Destructive tests

NDT techniques

Welder and procedure approval

Codes and standards

Outline of safe working practices

Practice in examination questions

Continuous and end-of-course assessment

The prime objective of joining this CSWIP 3.1 Training Program is to understand the factors influencing the quality of fusion welds in steels. It helps the inspectors to recognise characteristics of commonly used welding processes in relation to quality control. The welding inspector will be responsible for interpreting drawing instructions and symbols to ensure that specifications are met.